10 Ways Water Keeps Us Healthy

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We were always taught that drinking eight full glasses of water will make us better every day, but we never really considered seriously. We drink when we are thirsty enough and sometimes when mixed with powdered juices and flavor. But how important is it really to drink Adya Clarity water It is true that water is the best thirst extinguisher, but here are ten reasons why we should stay. 8 glasses of water daily intake

1 It prevents dehydration. If we lose 10% of our body weight due to loss of body fluid dehydration. Drink plenty of water before and after exercise or strenuous activity help replace water released through sweat, urine and breath. If we do not get dehydrated, we are less tired when working or exercising.

2 This helps to maintain healthy skin. Of course there are other ways to keep skin looking young, but drinking water is the best. When we do not have enough water, our skin cells age and die more quickly drinking. They get enough nutrition and hydration when we drink enough water so that they stay young and healthy.

3 It helps the body get rid of waste. Effective bowel movements depends on the fiber and water. When we drink enough water, waste excretion occurs regularly.

4 It helps with brain activity. Have you ever noticed a headache when you are dehydrated? That’s because the brain requires a lot of water too. It consists of 85% water and only deficiency causes decreased brain activity or irregular.

5 This helps us maintain good eye health. Eye is another organ primarily composed of water. Water to ensure the preservation of the eyeball shape, as well as increase the effectiveness of our vision.

6 It helps to keep us. Internal pH balance of the body depending on the buffer system of the lungs and kidneys. At two in order to function effectively it is necessary water. This helps prevent too much acidity.

7 This helps prevent water retention. It sounds contradictory, but when we drink a lot of water, the body rids excess through sweat or urine, which our bodies are constantly cleaned. If there is no protection. Enough water, the body tends to get water from draining

8 It helps lubricate joints and muscles us. Fluid surrounding the compound made ??up of water. The muscles also helps maintain maintained to avoid. Good muscle cramps and water

9 This reduces the development of certain diseases. The kidneys are organs that depend functioning properly. If water can not be done. Enough water, with rapid kidney failure and irreparable damage also develop kidney stones are caused by too little water. Drinking water also prevents clogging of the arteries that lead to heart disease and stroke prevention.

10 This helps to reduce our weight. Indeed, the Adya Clarity water helps in the metabolism of fat and calories. It also helps suppress hunger, so we are not always hungry.