A Great Workout Routines

Skinny – body guy can resist normal practice to gain muscle and strength . , However , deceived , because you may be tempted to accept the fate of his muscles by playing another game with unique rules focused on building small muscles in the large mound of human flesh of your body . A comprehensive workout routine to build muscle while also maximizing your strengths . You may not realize how strong you are or you get a thorough workout that challenges your body starts .

Most of the muscle building workout routine in the complex , which means that they are more than one muscle group at a time can . Pepper some isolation exercises in your routine , but they will not be the sole focus of your workout .

Each includes five sets of weighted exercises , the power falls or rises. Start with a low weight and build toward high – weight . . For example , using 30 pounds , pumping 10 reps , weight gain up to 40 pounds . and pump increased to £ 50 . 8 reps , and weight increased to 60 pounds . pump 6 reps , and weight increased to 70 pounds . pump 4 reps , weight and pump 2 reps . Take a break and then go in the opposite direction , starting from £ 70 . 2 reps until you end up with £ 40 . with 10 repetitions . It is a set of five . You can be at the end of each set for 30 to 60 seconds .

Rising to fall sets led to progressively overload the muscles , which forces the muscles to grow , but also gain strength from stress .

Day 1 : Upper Body

Incline bench press : Work chest , triceps and shoulders .

Military Press : Works shoulders , deltoids , trapezius and rotator cuff .

Bent – Over Row : Is your back , biceps , latissimus dorsi and arm .

Add pull – up sets of 15 reps , non – weighted , but compound exercises that back , lats , shoulders , biceps and forearms pointing .

Day 2 : Lower Body

Wide leg squat : Work area of the foot as a whole , including the quadriceps , hamstrings , buttocks and thighs .

Walking dumbbell Lunges : Like squats , lunge works your entire lower body . Keeping the momentum when running , but stays true to form .

Calf increase squat : Targets the calves , quadriceps and hamstrings . Use safety bar or Smith machine because it improves your calves remain on tip toes for repetition . Use the same shape as the squat , but the power in your lift comes from the ball of the foot , not the heel . After each set rest with the heel flat on the ground .

Add weighted belly : Doing sit – ups and cable barbell side bends .

Day 3 : Upper Body Transition

Dips : Are pectorals , triceps and shoulders . Use parallel bars or weighted dip machine at the gym . Body position can alter the muscle work . For example , your body tilted forward to your chest to work harder or keep your posture straight triceps to work harder .

Shrug : Working shoulder and trapezius muscles . Use dumbbells , Smith machine or a heavy kettlebell .

Three ways bicep curls : Targets biceps muscle group . Join the traditional curls with elbows close to your body . Turn your hands slightly outward , creating angles , but keep your elbows close to the body . The third transition involves a shift of the body , from your elbow , but still keep your arm in the corner .

Day 4 and 6 : Recovery

Perform 30 minutes of non – weighted cardiovascular activity . This makes your heart muscle strong and let your muscles work intense day of recovery for the next workout .

Day 5 : Upper and Lower Body Mix

Deadlifts : Would you lower and mid-back , trapezius , hips , buttocks , thighs, back and arms . Use a straight bar or dumbbells . Keep your feet shoulder width apart . For an extra challenge , do a deadlift with one leg slightly lifted off the ground and do the same for the other side .

Wide grip flat bench press : Working with the pectorals , chest , triceps and back .

Reverse grip pull ups : Works the biceps , arms, back and shoulders .

Add weighted belly : Perform kettlebell windmills and gorilla chin crunches the pull up bar .

Day 7 : Rest and Recovery

Takeoff and do light cardiovascular activity and then start all over again to 1st day.