Be Aware of Corneal Blindness!

In India, there are many diseases that people suffer from, just like in every country. Diseases have been spread around the world that we have to be careful and start caring more about our health. One of the diseases that is in a high risk is corneal blind. This is one of the diseases that make people lose their sight. Of course, nobody wants to be blind so that it is very crucial to help them. You probably think that it is common that old people suffer from this disease. However, as you don’t feel it, old people do suffer and they would love to get their sight back. Then, what about the kids? Old people might live for short years later, but kids will live much longer than that. It would not be nice to see them going through their life without them able to see what they would love to see.

If you were born without being able to see or blind, it would be normal for you as you are used to it. However, if you were born with an ability to see and then suddenly you are not able to see anymore, you would be terrified. This is what these kids and anyone who suffer from this disease feel. It is a terrible experience. All of a sudden everything turns black.

Tej Kohli realized that this is not a matter that we should underestimate. He thinks that this situation should be under control so that more people could get help for corneal blindness. The statistics are not nice if you see it. Around 20 million people suffer from corneal blindness and for Tej which is an Indian; this is a sad fact because around 4.6 million that suffer from corneal blindness are Indians. It gets even sadder that 60 % of them are children and worse that more than 20,000 people added every single year. Tej Kohli Infografic seems to be really helpful in dealing with corneal blindness.

Tej and other philanthropists are now working together in doing a research for this corneal blindness. Tej kohli Grafix is also creating public awareness against corneal blindness. This is a very good thing to do so that people realize the risk and have themselves treated. Tej Kohli and partners keep doing the research and continue helping people with corneal blindness as well as those who are at risk.