Health Insurance for Musicians?

bildeAustin enjoys self-promotion, but a good reputation as a music capital of the world. In recent years the city has decided to put his money where his mouth is to ensure that this continues.
“>One way is the most innovative and socially progressive to do that is through an insurance program for musicians who worked with Haam from Austin Musicians Health Alliance.

It is a unique concept.
“>In addition to New Orleans, Austin is the only city in the United States for such a comprehensive health care for local musicians.

“This town loves those who make music for us all,” said Betty Dunkerley, Austin Mayor Pro Tem and Haam board.
“>”What better way than the Health Alliance of Austin Musicians is there to show our appreciation Haam members make life better.”

Haam was established in 2005 as a result of a partnership between the local hospital and the SIMS Foundation with support from the city and some Austin businesses. They recognize the tremendous need in the community that there are musicians in town for affordable health care. More than 8,000 musicians working lives in Austin and most of them do not have insurance.
“>Instead of waiting for the federal or state government to come up with a plan to help millions of Americans, health insurance is no community of musicians and their supporters decided to give that help themselves.

Funding for the organization is provided by businesses and private donations and various grants. Advantages Haam place every day in October mobilize musicians, local businesses and city officials increased. Funds for the organization in 2006, they raised more than $ 107,000, and more than $ 180,000 in 2007. Other events throughout the year, such as the Austin music Backer Nancy Coplin BIG SIX-O birthday recently, donating their proceeds to Haam too.
“>Supporters are naturally interested can also donate money at any time through Haam.

Haam annual report for 2007 showed that nearly 4,900 requests of medical, dental and mental, which won 94 percent approval rating from member-musicians. This success comes from a collaboration of one-of-a-kind between Seton Family Hospitals (clinic visits, prescriptions, hospital services and specialist referral), Leadership St. David’s Community Health Foundation (a visit to the dentist) and The Sims Foundation (counseling
“>, psychiatric and addiction-recovery sessions).

Membership grew into 929 in 2007, with 65 percent 40 years and younger, 67 percent earn less than $ 15,000 per year. To receive the benefits of the program members must live in Travis and prove that they are worthy of playing music money.
“>For many services, members must pay a small co-pay, while other services are provided free of charge.

The SIMS Foundation is named Austin musician Sims Ellison who lost a long battle with depression and suicide in 1995. His death shocked the community of Austin and a group of family and friends decided to take a basic SIMS budget counseling, psychiatric and addiction recovery services musicians that make it necessary.
“>The Foundation provides more than 2,300 sessions in 2007.

In addition, with Haam, more than 573 members representing more than 1,300 visits to the clinic in the same year and benefit from more than 500 hospitals of various types of services as well.
“>Many members also take advantage of free dental services provided by the organization.

Almost all the members are very positive about the work and services Haam not provide.
“>Guy Forsyth is Austin musician who has built quite a reputation in Texas.

“It makes me really happy for the young musicians who came and for parents who adopt a child who has a lot of talent and it’s scary to think of them that an artist can have. Because we see all these examples around us of people who not part of the corporate structure left behind in the field of health care and public support, “said Forsyth.