Cushioned Body Pleasant

Closely linked to the 70s era, the bean bag’s history is a little bit far way older than that. Believed to be started in the middle of the 1960s decade, the cushion was made by someone from the Royal College of Art. It came into the spotlight when the cushion bags were designed by the Italian designers that worked for Zanotta Design in Italy. The phrase Socco then became internationally known, as the baggie shaped-like-a-pear leather chairs. The chairs that is not only unique, but also as comfortable as a cuddle because it would adjust with your body movement.


The Flower Generation decade was when the Bean Bag Chairs became very popular. As the hype of the decade, the chairs reached its market, which is mostly youngsters, by the affordable price, colorful models, helped by some researchers that claimed the bean bag to be very good to overcome the medical back problem and also the sleep problem. During the 80s, as the Peace movements were started to fade out, so does the bean bag; especially when some cases and complains were emerged, told stories about how the cushion has created safety problems for children, and that the material used inside the bags were not environmental friendly.


But these problems didn’t make the Bean Bag Chairs faded out. In fact, at the end of the 80s, the bean bag already branded and made as one of the furniture type, no longer just hype. The bean bag cushion manufacturers were not neglecting the problem and cases that were emerged. In the 1990s, most of the bean bag products that were sold are already fulfilled the Safety Commission’s requirements needed; with the childproof parts, and environmentally friendly fillings materials.


Different from the 70s and the 80s, the bean bag cushions are not just for a single use anymore. There are already many of bean bag that sold with washable, changeable, covers. The replaceable fillings are also already widely being sold in the software shops. Not just that, even the materials for the fillings are also easy to buy, so ones can make a bean bag chair in their own way. Even from the basics, like some of the sewing fanatics has been doing inside their Garden Sheds.


Nowadays, you can say that the bean bag markets are pretty stable. Back then, the bean bag chair was usually known as a casual, youngster’s furniture; but now, even offices are already choosing bean bag chair to be put inside their places, either as the brainstorm facility in a meeting room, the employees’ right place to be lazy, or even just as the room’s decoration.  The bean bag also commonly is being used as a replacement for the working chair, side a side being put near the desk. A fact you would find when you roam in the if you are searching for office furniture.