Get Programs that Enrich Each Aspect of Human Health


Since the time when man first realized there is something bigger than self, spiritual leaders have sought to find ways to achieve a deeper state of awareness and pass those teachings onto others. The forerunners of this journey to into the hidden depths of the mind and spirit were the Eastern mystics, who gave us the practice of yoga and meditation as a means of achieve balance within the Self, and an awareness of our deeper connection with the Universe. As the world opened up through exploration, Western philosophers and thinkers began to combine this ancient wisdom with the modern ideologies of self-analysis.

Modern groups, such as OneTaste in San Francisco, continue the practice of combining Eastern and Western philosophies. They use a variety of healing techniques and practices, teaching and incorporating them into programs that enrich each aspect of human health – mental, sexual, and physical. Their goal is to help their members achieve optimum balance in their lives.

Balance is achieved when a person learns to listen to their inner voice through guided meditation, yoga and other practices that allow them to get in touch with their bodies and minds on a deeper level than most people are used to. Practices such as yoga help align the body and enhance the flow of natural energy throughout. When your body is out of whack, it impedes the chi and results in physical problems and emotional problems. Yogis believe that the body in made up of seven spiritual centers, or chakras. When the chakras are properly aligned, all of the hormones and chemicals your body needs for health and well-being are able to flow, allowing your body processes to flow in harmonic balance with one another. This state is known as homostasis, and any disruption of this state can result in problems with our mental, physical and spiritual health and growth.

Energy flows through the body from head to toe, through properly aligned chakras, and it flows horizontally from the body to the universe and back. When one is in tune with their body, they can feel where blockages occur; each chakra relates to a different region of the body. A healthy person who is in tune with their body and properly balanced will experience:

Feelings of security and bliss

Comfort with their sexuality

The ability to move with confidence without overpowering others

A feeling of being grounded

The ability to express and manifest their own destiny