Homeowners Insurance Options

There are certain types of coverage options that are often included in a standard homeowner’s insurance that many people do not realize. This is called a good neighbor property damage coverage. For people who have it, and many do, it will offer great protection to damage your neighbor’s house that you will be responsible for consideration.

How does it work? Simple. Coverage is provided for damage that you cut down a tree and crashed into a fence after they caused to neighboring houses. Or, coverage is provided if your kids playing ball in the front yard and the ball through the neighbors window. Surprisingly, coverage is provided, even if you can prove that your neighbors kids do accidentally damage their homes.

Damage caused by pets in your neighbor’s house is also covered by the scope of this good residential neighbors. If your dog chews a hole in the fence or enter your neighbor’s house and destroy their carpets or furniture, you are covered with house insurance quotes.