Hospital Parking Is Not A DIY Project


“Had a great DIY job on you? Spent the weekend at the end of the hammer?” He said that made ??hammering motions with his hands.

“Installing the fence. Thought I might try it yourself first … my wife call a professional in. How hard can it be?” I questioned.

He looked at me and you could see the eyes roll. “Friends, … we got it all here. Everyone wants to try it before they came back with burnt fingers and lessons learned. Ya know, more than 80% of people who try to do this project themselves and they end up with such a simple injury falling from ladders or cut fingers off one quarter million people. falling ladder you know? Almost half of these people end up getting some kind of remedial building work done after they stuff it “. He bent down and stared straight ahead. “I want you to sell materials,” he said, pointing to the wood, “but something more serious than a fence, you need a pro to do it.”

He turned around and started punching keys in the registry, “good for yourself,” he said without looking at me.

I had to do the job. I do not want to tell me the reason was because my nails trying to do the job give me a hammer and tennis elbow. So if I’m not going to use it to do a simple fence, why builders I would expect the car owners look too? professional help

I have spent in the hospital parking lot, many years as a car park operator, in locations where demand exceeds supply, green field sites, sites with an irregular distribution of parking spaces, but large outbreaks of hospital parking lot is the idea that the hospital parking Unlike some DIY projects that can be done by anyone, usually in facilities management. This is primarily a product of the site that has grown organically and not pushed to the point where innovation is needed … anyway!

Patients have many poor parents tussle with tremendous struggle with parking. On top of this, they have to put up with a doctor who ignores the fact that health visiting begins and ends in the parking lot, and one thing about not doing. Airports have mastered this approach some time ago, with the provision that the customer has the first “touch point” them in the parking lot, with the belief that the goal can only be assisted for check-in counters and retail lobby with setting the mood, by having a good experience over the place The first parking lot. Parking is responsible for delivering to operators and retailers passengers. Different hospital parking lot?

Can you imagine the frame of mind that patients could if they happen to come to the hospital where parking is not only taken seriously as a point of contact for the delivery of the patient, but includes as a serious discipline. Parking with a potentially traumatic experience for them, can be seen as the first point in the supply and ready to entertain their clinic patients. The first touch point can only convince messages and images. What fun colors in the garage relaxing music envelops the patient from the parking to the reception apparatus or even smart enough to know the names remain … “Good morning Mrs. Smith” remember. This will help in the recovery of the patient? Something had to be better than many cold concrete that now includes our health care institutions. They can see the rough and cruel.

When I was in the hospital parking lot, I will talk about the principles and the principles of the project is written in the project charter, either before the details of the project will be completed. This can be completed during the project and beyond. Route to a lot of questions, problems and complaints and the first principle is that, in the hospital, garden, that the public, and patients in the first place. To destroy the community and patients, while all other groups in the stabbing of them in various levels of hierarchy in their management for admin staff (management usually will be shipped reserved parking). All of the issues addressed in the project stakeholders and discussions with groups when you get back to those principles.

There are arguments that the hospital staff is no different than any other employee group. Why employers they go through the process of finding a parking spot for them, especially in the city? Very few employers are doing now, because it takes too many resources and leads from their business goals. The private sector usually provides some visitor parking.

A hospital is an activity that generates a lot of traffic, and if designed properly, can pay for itself and then there is no need to have a shortage of parking spaces everywhere. A parking building pays for itself. To take advantage of the weak medic took it was a no-brainer. I never understood why the hospital did not just go out and build a new parking deck. A parking space in the building pay for itself then no need of health mood ‘to come at all. But one of the biggest complaints about hospitals is the lack of parking. I believe that if you have to charge for parking and give everyone a choice of field, as the public, patients or staff, parking then the question will match the offer. The increase in the sales side and that is to have. Proper by-products

Parking hospital definitely come back to the price and the fact that people do not want to pay at all. In general, the park should be carried out effectively and efficiently, provide resources to benefit the most needy, but most hospitals use a mix of local influence / political and other long to come up with a solution … and generally tuned to the site. Shoup talk about the benefits of having an occupancy of 85% or 1 in 8 places continued upside efficiently and effectively, but when off-road and usually behind the barriers, the occupancy rate is much higher than successful. You can then adjust the supply and demand to get the prize. Capacity utilization and demand drives prices.

If there is a golden rule in the park is that the occupation is the main parameter that tells resources efficiently. Distribute resources through the hierarchy of stakeholders, patients and visitors first and use price to control it. Prices should go up and down with work and seasonal state hospitals. Then the source as efficiently as you could ever use.

All of these agreements is second nature to a professional parking. I suspect that if you seem to talk about the occupation, the average length of stay and the efficient use of parking resources, most of the hospital staff looks weird. “It’s just a parking lot” they would say if it was just a Home Depot DIY project. And you will laugh at them again with a shy smile, agree with them if their potential customers. We’ve all done it.

Provide a balanced system that provides a methodology that good principles include operating, offering a number of solutions for all users, supporting vulnerable, highly controllable, while connecting with a mixture of appropriate technology, giving hospitals the best opportunity to provide a point of contact with the patient will enhance the healing process, with its own small way. And it’s a good thing.

One day, the park will become more important. As knowledge, technology and innovation to drive forward, hospitals will need professional park, which will be the only one who knows how to park connect knowledge in increasingly crowded hospital site. Married complexity of a hospital site with the complexity of modern methodology and technology park means the solution will be a DIY project, but the full spec solution is not left to the professionals. Coming days. Visit cool diy projects for more projects!