What is our experience ?

Honestly , we are still puzzled by it all .

As I said , we have a ton of traveling over the years and is a top- selling agent for many years , but most of the ideas went way over our heads , and we are not sure why billions of dollars are sold every year .

Now make no mistake , if you are an owner himself , we can not be beat for the purchase … if we do not know of a better alternative , we can take .

But when we look at it logically # s , it just does not beat us .

Of course , as many purchases , we understand most people buy on emotion , not logic …

Travel … is a powerful motivator … see us , 18 weeks ago all the ” stuff ” that we sell , now homeless , we travel full-time …

And … have never been so happy in our lives ! LOL

All because off In Less Time Closings LLC!