Inversion Therapy for Back Pain Treatment

Living with back pain is surely irritating. Back pain can be so suffering that it will prevent us to do our daily activities. Most people with back pain requires pain reliever to help them deal with the pain and able to do daily activities. There are many different factors causing back pain. Most cases are caused by injuries while other factor is including degenerative condition such as degenerative disc disease.

In general, back pain is caused by certain anomaly in spine structure. It can’t be injured backbone or pinched nerve or can also because degeneration of the spinal disks due to various illness. Until the root cause is fixed, the back pain will appear on and on causing continuous suffering and huge depression. Pain reliever can help you relieving the pain but it won’t fix the root cause. It requires physical therapy combined with other treatment to fix spine structure or releasing pinched nerve. One of the popular therapy for back pain is inversion therapy. You can find quite interesting information about this therapy here at The inversion therapy is basically using the traction to stretch the spine bones to separate vertebral columns. It allows to release the pinched nerves while allowing optimum blood flows this area. Optimum blood flows carry more nutrients and oxygen leading to better cell regeneration. In physical therapy facilities there are several equipment used for inversion table but it would be better if you have one at home. For home used inversion therapy, there are more compact models of inversion table or inversion chair. To learn more about inversion table and chair and how it works, you can visit The information you can find there is quite comprehensive and makes you easy to understand.

With inversion table at home, you can get as much as inversion therapy when you need it. You can lying a while and feel the inversion traction the help you relieving the pain. The more you get the inversion therapy, you allows more optimum blood flows to area between spinal columns. It will promote cell regeneration helping the bones, nerves, and muscles to regenerate leading to optimum cure of the back spine problem. You can read here at about inversion therapy helping to treat degenerative illness. Having inversion table is also a good thing for senior people. It will helps them to keep their spinal health at optimum condition. Find out more about inversion table and where you can find it from those sources.