Make it Bigger

Make your penis bigger in total comfort and safety

An extender applies just enough pressure to make your penis bigger without any pain or discomfort at all – most users say they do not even know they are wearing !

It is a medical device that is absolutely safe to use : medically approved through rigorous testing and CE certified means that your penis bigger , but the risk of unwanted side effects .

What Does A Penis Extender Looks Like ?

Originally it consisted of a silicone tube is worn over the penis ; but the design has been greatly improved since the early days .

Extender is a modern state of the art products ; scientifically designed to make your penis . much greater speed and comfort in this tube is now largely replaced by a device consisting style utilizing steel side supports and a silicone band allows management more convenient and easier faster results .

Make your penis bigger even when working

This improved design means that a man can comfortably wear the extender for longer periods during the day in complete privacy , even while working . No matter whether you are a user or officials , no one has a clue that you have a jacket . You do not even need to take it off to the bathroom !

The big bonus is that because you wear the old device , you will get faster results . You can even make your penis bigger while you sleep ! How cool is that ?