Replay in Soccer

With so many poor calls by the referees in the World Cup recently , is the issue of instant replay in football reared its ugly head again . There is no doubt that there is instant replay , results will differ significantly . At that point I think everyone agrees it .

All major international sports and other professionals have moved to integrate their games with great success . Instant Replay The NFL may have led to giving each team the opportunity to call to ask a number of dramas which were later tried by returning to the instant replay . Hockey also makes extensive use of football replay to decide if a goal has been scored or not .

But why all the resistance by FIFA for the application of this technology .

The primary concern is the delay in a game known for its fast and no extra time will be added. If you keep this game called instant replay could drag on for hours . However , both the NFL and NHL have this problem by limiting the number of times that the team may request a replay as the NFL , and punish teams that require repetition of the call and the call is maintained or trade disputes , such as in the NHL , the NHL back to base decisions to an independent group or objectives to be assessed .