Feeling Generous? Consider Donating to a Dental Charity


Dental treatment can be an expensive affair . Every year Americans spend billions of dollars to control and procedures . Unfortunately , a large number of individuals and families to help offset the costs that can come up with a dental procedure .
However , there are several charitable organizations across the country that are difficult to reach people who need work .

Here are seven of the top dental charity in this country :

1 . National Children’s Oral Health Foundation

Children from disadvantaged backgrounds are often more likely to develop dental problems as they age , and this charity helps fight oral disease by promoting the general health of children at risk . With more than 500 clinics in the U.S. , the purpose of the foundation is to offer to the more than 5 million children who are most in need of dental care .

2 . Healthy Smiles , Healthy Children

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Program aims to help get rid of dental disease in children in the country are you . Since 1987 , this program has helped to increase awareness .
3 . Dental Lifeline Network

Americans with disabilities can be quite difficult to deal with issues of income , housing , and public health issues , and has a goal of Dental Lifeline Network ( formerly the National Foundation of Dentistry for the disabled ) is to ensure that disabled people get the help they need with problems teeth .

4 . Christina smile

One of the biggest partners for Smiles Christina is PGA , which work together to provide comprehensive oral care is available for children in communities where PGA and Champions Tours visit . Christina smiles using mobile clinics equipped with dental care needs ( including X – ray machines ! ) The setting up shop in about 20 cities each year .

5 . Oral Health America

A nonprofit organization based in Chicago , USA Oral Health works to advocate through public service initiatives and dissemination of information . OHA works with the help of private donations and efforts along with the dentist , both public and private , throughout the country .

6 . Fall for Smiles

Fall for Smiles is a program that focuses on promoting good oral hygiene to families through dental themed quizzes and competitions . Give Back Smiles works with communities to help them understand the importance of brushing and flossing every day the kids .

7 . American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Charitable Foundation

With their Give Back A Smile program , in part to help AACDCF restorative dental services to be provided to those who suffer from domestic violence cases . But , they also work closely with the people who have been victimized .