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Perry Belcher Sales letter is still alive and well. Sales letter is dead.

Which statement best describes your view? If you continue to produce, use plain text for the possibility that your income from the sale is considered a letter of chronic pain. If you’re using a compact video strategy (isotope video) for sales and marketing efforts to locate the most likely to use foie gras choice between filet mignon or lobster with you.

Sales letter is still alive and well. It is working in a new capacity, sales manager. Traditional sales copy (now sales manager) training video representation of what to say, when to say and how to say it. Learning new in the way of video sales letters is, energy use through video sales.

Simply put, video sales letters sales letter traditionally sent to prospective clients as interesting conversation. Web video, promotional letters, especially video requires certain elements based on the type of traffic or audience involved. Type of traffic, the optimization scheme organized by individual sources. For example

Web 2.0

Organic Search




The definition Link

Take the example of Web 2.0. Marketing in traffic space, video sales letter is optimized social maching sale. To work with Web 2.0 traffic (viewers), video productions that sell mailing need elements of advanced Internet applications, and social communication effectively. Business and individual entrepreneurs using isotope web video (video series compact) to brand and sell on the Web 2.0.

Web 2.0 interaction (social conversation) is a high probability (high targeted traffic source member) for internet marketing professionals to use traffic (developing brand identity), what new perspectives (build list), get (to get cash traffic ), customers will have a new market (increase coverage) and deepen brand penetration.

Is that sound familiar?

The purpose of marketing and selling has not changed, still a numbers game. More people equals more opportunity to demonstrate, inform and sell products and services, that is to make money. Web 2.0 is a settlement on an incredible level, the large amount needed for profitable conversion. Traditional sales letter, reborn as a series of short video interviews (video isotopes), served in the Web 2.0 is social optimization. For a website search engine optimization, web video, and more importantly, video sales letter requires social optimization to attract audiences. Optimize your sales copy sales letter for video production to follow the laws of nature, form follows function. The Law of the Internet or written on each Web 2.0 site that meets the current traffic. How the Internet handle video production

For example:

File size is usually limited to 100 megabytes. Selected sites offer standalone ftp program for video files via 150-200 megabytes. The site also receives a file that is avi, mov, swf, flv, mpg and wmv. Video You must enter a title interesting, keyword tags, and you can not violate the terms of use.

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