Universal Antioxidant Alpha-Liopic Acid

Universal Antioxidant Alpha-Liocid Acid is “ Universal Antioxidant” because it it able to enter both water and fat soluble compartments of the body, helping all cellular protection from harmful effects of free radicals. What is free radical?, free radical theory of aging states that organisms age because cells accumulate free radical damage over time.

Universal Antioxidant Alpha-Liopid Acid provides invaluable antioxidant support throughout the whole body especially the brain, liver, kidneys, nerve tissue and eyes. Universal Antioxidant Alpha-Liopic acid. It can cooperate well with product named NAC to produce glutathione in the liver. Universal Antioxidant-Alpha-Liopid Acid also extends cardiovascular support for people with healthy blood sugar levels, already in normal range. This is the best antiaging-supplements presents and offers you 100 mg of Universal Antioxidant Alpha-Liopic Acid with 100 mg Pumpkin Seed for improved absorbability and activity.

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