Why Six Months Smiles Program Can Be Better Than The Traditional Braces

Unhappy with your smile? Feel embarrassed to show your teeth during pictures? Even as an adult with a career and a busy schedule it is never too late to get your teeth fixed. In fact, you may find it is even easier and less expensive now than it would have been when you were a child! If you think your teeth are out of whack, The Six Month Smiles Program can have your teeth straightened out in no time, leaving you proud to flash your pearly whites in public once and for all.

 Benefits for Patients

If you are considering braces as an adult, the first thing you need to do is forget everything you think you know about them. The metal, rickety headgear of your childhood is no more. With the clear brackets and tooth-colored wiring used by Six Month Smiles, your braces will barely be visible to anyone but you, allowing for the most minimal disruption to your daily life. Compared to other braces that are made of metal and reflect light from a mile away, the Six Months Smiles option is far more discreet and subtle.

Unlike other adult braces options, which can take as long as two years, Six Month Smiles only takes – you guessed it – an average of six months! By using the latest technology in dentistry, Six Month Smiles gently guides your teeth into optimum placement based on a mold created on your initial visit. The short time period of 5-8 months is a real advantage of the Six Month Smiles technique, because once your teeth have aligned you are going to be dying to show them off to everyone you meet.

While costs may vary, Six Month Smiles is generally less costly than other adult braces options, making it affordable even for those are on a budget. And since it used a low amount of force to shift your teeth, there is generally more comfort and less pain involved than when getting traditional braces. Utilization of low forces and a short treatment not only increases your comfort, but also your safety and hygiene.

If you are considering braces as an adult, a consultation with a Six Month Smiles specialist is absolutely necessary. If the Six Month Smiles program is right for you, you can expect less time with braces, a discreet look, less pain and lower costs than with other methods. It’s a win for everyone, but especially for your smile.

Benefits for Dentists

If you are a dentist, offering The Six Month Smiles Program to your patients can be great for both of you. For your patients, it will greatly benefit them to have someone working on their teeth who is already intimately familiar with the nuances of their mouth. By getting the treatment from you, a dental professional who they have already worked with, they can expect the best, most timely results. There is nothing worse than seeing one of your patients suffer at the hands of someone else, and only you can offer them the best care and the best treatment.

Additionally, by offering The Six Month Smiles Program you will also attract new patients who are looking to fix their teeth, and working with you can be the one-stop shop they need for a clean, healthy, beautiful mouth. By offering this quick, relatively inexpensive program you are offering your patients an invaluable service that will change their lives and offer them benefits for years to come.

When you provide your patients with Six Month Smiles, you know you are giving them what they want. No one wants to spend years with metal bars across their teeth; people want their teeth fixed quickly and with as little disruption to their lives as possible. For you and your patients, Six Month Smiles might just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Freelance writer, Jordyn Fisher, contributed this article on behalf of Columbia dentist and Six Month Smile provider, Parmar Family & Cosmetic dentistry.